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Cooking Stuff

Originally posted here on March 18, 2010.

Here is the part of the show where I apparently posting about cooking.

I don’t cook. I don’t like it and its boring and there is a lot of clean-up. I would much rather someone else did it for me.

I ended up waking up at 2am (dont ask) and I ended up getting out of bed at 330 because I could not sleep one second more. I spent a couple of hours perusing blogs etc. that I like and came across a bunch of information about managing money and meal planning.

I took that inspiration and got cookin’!

I first cleaned out my pantry and combined a bunch of trail mix/bottom of the bags of chips/nuts into one big mix of goodies. An idea I got from a blog this morning, but now have no idea which one. I made one salty and one sweet. I even put jelly beans in the sweet one, so I’m not so sure how it is going to taste.

Then, I decided to do something with the fresh cranberries I have in the fridge from Christmas. They haven’t been frozen, but they still look okay. I used my New Better Homes and Garden Cookbook that I got for Christmas to look for something to do with them that wasn’t bread. I decided on cranberry-cherry chutney that I will probably freeze. That was the reason for the post about substituting all-spice. Sadly, I don’t have nutmeg either. I am going to have to go to the store before I can finish it. On the upside, I “finely chopped” orange peel in my food processor!

I also did some searching for sun drying tomatoes. I was reading this book the other day and the author was talking about how he now dries his tomatoes instead of canning or freezing them and they taste just as good reconstituted. I found a website that talks about drying tomatoes. I decided to dry them in my oven instead of outside because I don’t really have a screen to dry them on except my broken screen door.

Lastly, I am also cooking corned beef because Keith likes it and yesterday was his birthday and I was feeling like crap so we didn’t do much.

I also found a blog I am really liking and she has a whole bunch of posts about freezer cooking that I am going to try. I have so much stuff around the house that I really only need to buy maybe some ground beef and I could prep a couple of weeks worth of meals. I think I’ll wait to start on this until after the inlaws leave Sunday.

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