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My Quilting Adventures

Last month, we had guests over and we used the roomie’s quilt on the air mattress that her mom made. It was beautiful and it inspired me. I’ve been feeling kind of down lately between the stress of the wedding and school and everything all coming together at once and I think part of it is that I haven’t had a crafty-creative outlet lately.

I decided I wanted to start quilting and so I went down to the quilting shop near my house and the women there were so nice! That was a pleasant surprise because the women at the knitting shop near my house can be a little snooty. I explained to the woman there that I wanted to start on something basic and she recommended their Blockbusters quilt-a-long and the braid runner class.

The blockbusters is a mystery pattern that is given out on the first of the month. You pay 2 dollars for the first pattern and it has two small squares in it that you need to incorporate into the pattern. If you come back on the first of the next month with your completed square then you get the next pattern for free. It goes for 12 months and at the end, you have 12 squares you can put together anyway you want.

My first square:

It was quite a learning experience!

Today was the Braid Runner class. I was cruising on it! I was so excited to get it done. It was an all day class from 930 to 330. I finished the center part during the class and I added the borders when I got home. I just need to finish up the binding. I made it green and purple and I am going to put it on the head table at my wedding! I am so proud of it for someone who has never quilted anything before! The pattern is helpful because it is quilt as you go rather than piecing everything together. I cannot wait to start something else!

You can’t really see the colors in this picture, but they’re green and a deep purple for the border. I’ll post a finished picture when I finish it!

  1. April 8, 2010 at 8:59 am

    That’s so cool!! I love it!!

    I haven’t been crafty AT ALL lately either, partly I think because I have so much school stuff I should be doing that I can’t justify knitting, but … I’m still not doing my school stuff, so I might as well knit. Also, I haven’t really felt inspired. I’m hoping that’ll change soon; I want to get working on some projects and stuff for Christmas.

  2. April 12, 2010 at 8:24 am

    I’ve never been very good at sewing/quilting/being crafty (my mom makes nice things though), your quilt square is beautiful!

    So, apparently we’re paired up for the 20sb blog-swap, send me an email with your post and I’ll do the same by tomorrow evening 🙂

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